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School Life at BHS

We give a wholesome and memorable school life  for our students. We work to grow our pupils in all spheres of life so as to produce all rounded citizens of the world. Education at Brookhill School strives to develop the whole student. A balance of instruction is offered so that students grow in knowledge, skills, and wisdom through the perspective of a biblical worldview. .

This strong balance contributes to the academic success that abounds at Brook Hill Schools. Our system is a culmination of research of some of the world's best educational teaching best practices and starts all the way in the pre-school early years. This enables the whole development of our students from their tender ages right through to their senior years..

Be Your Own Man

From an early age, children at Brook Hill are encouraged to express their own ideas, to defend their viewpoint coherently and courteously and to work as independently as possible. General knowledge is recognised as being important and, despite the School's rural location, students are well informed about current affairs and are perfectly at home with all aspects of communication technology.Pupils are afforded the opportunity to continue their education outside of the classroom by projects in which the school is involved and visits to the many beautiful areas of educational interest which Kenya affords.

All Round Students

Our pupils are encouraged to identify and develop their individual creative talents through art, music and drama.In Art, pupils can experiment and develop their skills in many mediums including painting, drawing. The School has a strong musical tradition. In addition to the many and varied opportunities for music within the curriculum, many pupils opt for specialist instrumental tuition in a wide range of instruments. High calibre music teachers tutor many pupils across a whole range of instruments. Drama wears many masks at Brookhill Schools. Pupils are actively encouraged to discover and develop their acting talent through speech and drama Pupils develop confidence and skills in public speaking - performing and communicating in a variety of settings