KCPE 2020: Best Performance Ever

We, Brookhill School, are grateful to God and congratulate our 2020 KCPE class on:

  •    *Emerging the TOP SCHOOL in Limuru Sub-county with a Mean Score of 359.35 points(an improvement of 7 points)
  •      *All our candidates scored 350 marks and above, except five, with the top student scoring above 400marks.

We sincerely thank all our parents, teachers, and students' body for your support. We would not have made it without you.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Online and Distance Learning System

We are pleased to announce that we have started an online and distance learning system for our pupils amid the mandatory close down of learning institutions by the government during this time that the world is battling the Corona Virus epidemic.

We have taken this initiative to keep our students active. They will be receiving notes and assignments in their accounts whereupon completing the assignments, submissions will be made on the same platform. Teachers will then mark and grade the assignments and provide feedback.

Gospel Music Video Filmed at Brookhill School

Brookhill School had the honour of being the location for a gospel music video of an upcoming musician. The music video was shot in the school on various days during the holidays. You can see the wonderful scenery of the school including the kids' play area, the evergreen football field among others.

We are honoured to be part of the story of this upcoming gospel musician and we wish him all the best in his budding career and may God help him through and use him as a revelation of his love to mankind.

Booking for Admission Interviews on our Facebook Page
Booking for Admission Interviews on our Facebook Page

In an effort to serve all prospective students and parents to Brookhill School, we continue to become more inclusive in the various methods that admission interviews can be booked. Some of our new students are from families that are relocating from abroad and this sometimes causes a time mismatch with the difference in time zones and thus the school phones may not be answered at these times.

14th Annual Graduation Ceremony
Welcome to this year's graduation ceremony which will be held at the school compound. It is a culmination of a year that has been eventful and successful.
Annual BHS Sports Day 2018 Edition

We are happy to inform all members of the Brookhill Community that we had an excellent Sports Day in the school. We would like to thank everybody who made time to come enjoy and have fun with us. 

It was an extremely joyous day as we participated in various sporting and fun activities such as athletics, spoon and egg race, volleyball and everyone's favourite: the chicken race.